How to Find an Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentists are available around the clock to provide urgent dental care for patients who have an accident or injury involving their mouth.

This is especially important when a tooth is knocked out or chipped. Getting the right treatment quickly can make all the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked out tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies. It can happen in a sporting accident, a fall, or as the result of an altercation.

The best chance of saving a knocked out tooth is to see your dentist within an hour. If the tooth is saved, it can usually be re-implanted into its socket.

If you cannot re-implant the tooth, try re-positioning it in its socket by holding it in place by the crown (the bottom part) and using gentle pressure. If this is not possible, tuck it between your cheek and gums or place it in a container of cold milk until you can get to the dentist.


Swelling is a symptom of a range of conditions, from insect bites to serious injuries. Internal swelling can also occur, and is often the result of organ inflammation or fluid retention.

Slight swelling (edema) may go unnoticed, but a massive swell is a telltale sign of a medical emergency. This is particularly true if swelling is generalized or occurs in multiple areas of the body, such as the legs.

If you’re experiencing a sudden swelling, contact an emergency dentist in Chesapeake VA as soon as possible to get treatment for your problem. This professional is trained to handle emergency cases and can help relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively!


An abscess is a pocket of pus that forms when an area of the body is infected. As the immune system tries to fight off the infection, it sends in white blood cells that go into the affected tissue and collect pus.

When this happens, it becomes painful and inflamed. This is why you should seek medical attention if an abscess occurs on your body.

Dentists are experts at treating abscesses, but sometimes you’ll need to have surgery to remove the pus. This procedure is often done under local anesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Root Canal

If you’ve got a tooth with an infected pulp, you need to get help. Infection can be very painful, and it can even spread to the bloodstream if left untreated.

Root canal therapy is one of the most effective treatments for saving an infected tooth. If you have a serious infection, call us right away to schedule an appointment for treatment.

The procedure requires a dentist to access the infected tooth, clean out the pulp and remove infected material. Next, the area is disinfected and sealed. This helps prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth. The tooth will then be filled with a rubbery substance to protect it from damage and decay.

Damaged Dentures

If your dentures chip or crack, it can be an emergency. This is because a damaged denture can cause other dental issues, including gum sores and jaw joint pain.

A professional dentist in Chesapeake VA will be able to evaluate the damage and provide appropriate repairs. They may be able to fix the crack in-office, or they may need to send the denture to a laboratory for more complex repairs.

It’s not uncommon for dentures to break. This is because of the constant force that they apply to each other as you chew and speak.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is not something that is uncommon for patients who suffer from poor oral health, and it can be an early sign of gum disease. This condition is one that should not be ignored as it can result in tooth loss and other serious medical conditions.

Bleeding gums can be caused by a variety of factors including smoking, poor oral hygiene, and certain medications. It is important for patients to be aware of any medication they are taking that has blood-thinning properties, so that the dentist can make an informed diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.